What Is The Difference Between Management And Leadership?


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There is a big difference between management and leadership. In my opinion management is a very huge term; covering many aspects, while leadership may be considered as a part of management. Management refers to the art of directing, controlling, and supervising a group of people or employees with the help of many management tools, which can also include leadership, while leadership can be said as the process of leading a group of certain people.

Management can be properly defined as "the art of managing people and the person is called manger who utilizes human resource, finances, technology, and natural resources to get certain results in the favour of the organization. Leadership is a part of management and it is the inborn capability of the individual which makes him a successful leader. It is very necessary for a leader that his subordinates should be purely his followers, otherwise the leader might not be considered as a good leader.

Many scholars have agreed on this theory that management process includes leading the management, organizing the complete management, planning how to handle the management, controlling all the factors and besides these all the problems faced is a part of management. So in my opinion the difference between management and leadership exist because of the vastness in terminologies. Management is a vast term which covers the term leadership and thus making it a part of management.
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Leadership is leading other by example, and management is over seeing other by position.
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The manager likes to order
the leader likes to share
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Management is getting others to carry out the task leadership is understanding the task and working with the team to achieve

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