As A Retail Manager, How Would You Inspire Your Store Team To Achieve Results?


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Retailing is more challenging now than a century before. Mega retailers, multinational and multi-billion retailers are taking space enjoyed by small retailers before. Modern retailing business has great challenges ahead. Apart from the huge investment, remarkable displays, great assortment and good pricing customers expect more inform of timely and personalized quality services. Other than service, all products are managed well with minimum involvement of people. Only services hundred percent depend on people who deliver them to customers. Human resource is of acute importance in modern retailing in fact.
As a retail manager, you must realize the importance of your people in business. Then make a clear line and staff arrangement and delegate them maximum. Delegated people are more motivated and perform well. After giving them responsibility, don't interrupt them unnecessarily and let them play free with their natural business flair. Time to time checking and observation will show you their areas of improvement, keep improving them constantly.
Reprimand little and private and praise excessively and in open. Award the winners and achiever. Celebrate the achievements of your people and share the pride of having them with you openly.
After doing these simple applications, there is no way, your people would not feel happy and inspired.

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