What Key Areas And Issues Do You Think High Street Fashion Retailers Should Focus On To Improve Business Performance?


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High street Fashion Retailers should focus on a variety of aspects to improve their business performance. Some of these important areas are:

Product Assortment: There must be a focus on assortment of fashion products. If you have insufficient number of products, customers will feel disappointed after visiting your shop. You should also avoid over assortment, as it will make people confused while making decisions.

Display: Display of store and exhibited products is another important are to be focused on by modern retailers. Some shop owners make the product display too complicated, difficult and unnatural where customers feel uneasy to be closer to the displayed products and as a result they don't make purchases.

On Going Fashion Trend: Following, generating and respecting on going fashion with a little room of unusual and innovative products is also necessary for the success of business.

Price Strategy: Prices must be set cautiously and retailer must avoid big surprises. It does not mean you should price the product low or very low. Retailer must set the prices by keeping product, design, current fad or fashion, competition, season and place of his or her shop.

Quality and Personalized Services: Service has no substitute if all parameters are excellent but you lack in service quality, business is necessarily down then.

After Sales Support and Care: No customer can be repeat customer if he or she is not happy with the after sale support and care. If warranties and refunds are given to the customers properly, business can not survive for a longer success.

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