How Can I Get An FM Job In Dubai?


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My edu is mass com msc I'm also dj on pakistan fm102 so I want to apply on dubai fm as a presenter
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In order to get an FM job in Dubai you will have to follow the same procedure as you do in the UK. Firstly, you will have to contact a placement centre or a placement or job website in Dubai. You could contact or Dubai has become a major business hub in the past few years due to the popularity of the city and the attractive salaries offered there. Over the years many immigrants have come to Dubai for work or business purposes.

You could even get a copy of a couple of newspapers from Dubai and take a look at them. You could also visit and get a few classified listings in there. It is the official and main newspaper of that city. The fact that the city has so much money and work; job vacancies are always available there.
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order to get FM jobs in Dubai, you have to go through the procedure of
either contacting to any placement agencies which provide jobs or can search it
on any job search portal. In this regard, job portal of Monster Gulf can help
you to find jobs online. They provide various job opportunities out there. You
can also avail job alert services, resume writing services, and many more. Get
registered and start availing the best jobs in top companies.

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