What Subjects To Study To Become An Air Hostess?


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1st: The job title is known as a Cabin Crew.

Most collages do a course known as National Certificate Level 2 (or 3) in Cabin Crew. From my knowledge I know that you must speak a a 2nd language appart from English, you must be a minimum of 5'6 height (without shoe's) and a size 8 max in clothing. All you need is GCSE in Maths and English Language at C grade or above. You can do the one year course at must collages and they are also private, meaning you have to pay for the course your self? You must be 18 to do this course.


You can do a short cut, a training course of 6 weeks, instead of one year at collage. You get paid whiles you train, and you must be 19 and able to swim 100km straight. I know you can do this training at most airports' education and learning training centres? But I did my training at Heathrow education and learning training centre. After 6 weeks I got my qualification and now work part time for British Airways - I work/fly on fridays, and come back on sundays. And during the week I study at Uni, its amazing - I get to travel to a different country every week, 2 night of relaxing in 5* hotels, and every week I get 100pounds of expenditure money from BA.

Good luck, I hope this info has helped?
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Tourism, hotel management certificate.
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I am in grade 9 and I need to choose subjects but I don't know which subjects to choose I want to be an air hostess

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