Good Afternoon Sir,could You Tell A Proper Format Of Writing Resume For Applying For The Post Of Ticketing Executive In A Travel Agency?


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Depends on your strengths. Do you have strong work experience? Go for chronological format. Just starting up? Go for functional. Have a bit of both? Go for combination.

In terms of appearance I would go with classic appearance. Check a few samples in this category on this website:

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Most employers will be looking for some kind of relevant experience in your resume - and the more you have the better.

So have a think about what jobs or qualifications you've achieved in the past that can relate to the role in the travel industry and be sure to touch on these in your work history or education sections. Do you have a general interest in travel? Maybe it's worth mentioning your passion for traveling in the hobbies section of your Resume? If you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the industry this will be another point that helps you to stand out from other applicants as someone perfect for the role.

For more tips on resume writing and what to write in each section you can find online sites to help.

Good luck!

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The ticketing executive in a travel agency has a very important job, while writing your resume, you would have to show that you are responsible enough for undertaking such a job. You would have to highlight your education and skills in this area. Here is a link that will give you sample formats for such a resume:

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