As A Fresh Engineer, How Do I Write My CV?


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I want cv format for fresher student.
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If you have just graduated with a degree in engineering (B.Eng), you should list your education at the top of the CV, especially if you are short on relevant work-related experience. If you have graduated from an honours program you should indicate this on your CV, usually using the following format: "B.Eng (Hon.)".

If your were in a co-op program at university and have been an intern at a company related to your program and studies, you should mention this as well. Write about what duties you performed and be sure to include the length of your contract.

You may also wish to include any university engineering projects you participate in, and if you have been to any scholarly conferences.

If you have language knowledge, this should go under a separate category at the end of your CV. You should indicate your level of proficiency in each language, using the following terms: fluent, advanced, intermediate, beginner, or reading knowledge.

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