I Am Preparing For An Interview In A Leading Bank, Please Guide Me On What Kind Of Questions Can Be Asked?


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I think you should start with your name. Then you should come to your age and religion. Then go for elucidating your qualification and job experience. This is a thing that comes from your inside by proper practice and experience. If you want to participate at your level best in an interview then it is must that you should be active and animated. It is important to be prompt during at interview.

Your efficiency will make it sure that you know a lot. Don't forget that they will ask whatever you know. So, take it easy but not that easy. They will surely ask about finance. They will ask about cheque book systems. Nowadays computers are common so they will ask about it. They will ask about your knowledge about role of computers in the bank systems. They will inquire you about banking.You should be confident but not be over confident. In fact, over confidence is injurious to the health of interview. It spoils the charm and originality of you. So, be normal and behave like a normal person. It is important to be smart in an interview.

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