I Am Going For An Interview For Customer Service Representative For Library And Information Services. What Types Of Questions Am I Likely To Be Asked?


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Congratulations! This should be an enjoyable position for you. Customer Service Representative and Information Services in a library is a position of service. You will be there to serve others, and a positive attitude toward others will get you the job, and help you keep the job. The more people you help, the more you yourself will learn. Never be afraid to say, I do not know the answer, but I will be happy to find the answer for you.

In your interview you will probably be asked, What types of books do you enjoy? Do you enjoy reading? Have you ever written a research paper? What is the significance of reference books in a Library? Have you ever studied library science? Do you enjoy helping others? Tell me a little about yourself. What is your least favourite thing to do? What is your favourite thing to do?

How would speak to someone who is disturbing others in the library? What would you do, if someone refused to cooperate and continued to disturb others? Do you consider yourself to be respected by your peers? How would you go about helping someone find a particular book, if you were not certain of its location in the library? How would teach someone to use a card catalogue?

How would deal with a person, who returns an overdue book, and refuses to pay the book fee? Do you consider yourself to be an observant person? Would you consider yourself to be a discreet person?

These are just a some questions, which could be asked. I am sure there are many others to choose from, but the important thing is to be positive, friendly calm and honest. You will ace the job! Good Luck!

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