What Are The Differences Between Middle Eastern And Western Styles Of Management?


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The wide hiatus of differences in the culture, traditions, beliefs and values of the Middle East and the United States are absolute opposites of each other. While the managers of the Middle East will have an autocratic disposition and a menacing and strict persona, the American managers will be focused more on their work and their performance rather than their personalities.

Concerning the decision-making styles of the two types of management, the Middle Eastern managers are usually more risk-averse than the managers belonging to the United States. Unlike the Middle East, the United States has much more sophisticated planning techniques for its managers, and much more modern tools of decision making. As for criteria for recruiting and selection, great weight is given to personal contacts and there is an ascription culture pervading in the Middle Eastern culture. As for the United States, merit and personal qualifications are the ultimate benchmarks for the personnel selection process.
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The Middle East cares about their religion more then us. They are home to three religions; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. And they care about what happens there so they don't get in  a fight with other different religion groups. People from all over the world travel there just to visit there faith(to pray).

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