Who Gets More Salary,a Hospital Pharmacist,a Chain Pharmacy Pharmacist Or A Drug Store Pharmacist?


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There are many people who are involved in the business of the pharmacy either in hospital, pharmacy or a drug store. But I think the chain pharmacist can be earn more money as compared to the hospital pharmacist and drug store because the company gives more incentive to the chain pharmacist so they make more money as compared to the other two persons. So the drug store also makes good money, because it has high profits and sales of the drugs at the store. There is many other people which use to make good money in order to make the good amount. The pharmacy of the business has high growth and demand for the business.

So this is the reason that the people make good money which are associated with the pharmacy business whether he is hospital pharmacist, chain pharmacy and drug store. So the pharmacy business is very good business and it has high profit margin so many people are earning from this business. So the company gives incentive to the chain pharmacist so that you can start the business of chain pharmacist.

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