How Much Do Pharmacists Get Paid?


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In the UK, pharmacists usually start at around £19-25 000, while specialists can earn £70 000 or more. You can find a lot of information about this profession here.
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Should be around 32-40k depending on what you do. Locums can get £20-30 per hour. Pharmacy owners can get up to excess of 100k. Check out this site it breaks down where the pharmacy owner gets money from
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The average base salary of a pharmacist today has gone up to $105,448 per year in the US. Around 25 % of the pharmacists get a salary of $ 99,503 per year while a huge 75% of the pharmacist earn up to $ 110, 914. In addition to this they also get benefits, bonuses, social security and health facilities that cane drive up the salary to $ 143,112. The salary range also varies according to experience; new pharmacists generally get around $ 97,000 and this salary increases with experience.
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They make from $50 to $75 per hour.
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It depends on location and how the patients feel about the Dr. As their advertisement for the most part is done by word of mouth,add up how much is charged per visit how many patients there are etc.. And you get somewhat of a salary good luck Always remember you don't charge for what you do,you charge for what you know and keep in mind how much your education cost you good luck
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Depends on who you work for, where you work, and how much/when you are working. A typical large chain such as Rite Aid, CVS, Longs Drugs, etc will pay a little under $60/hr if you are working in a major city... If you want to relocate to a place where no one else wants to work (read: Out in the middle of nowhere) this pay can increase by quite a bit.

Also, overtime and holiday pay account for increases in hourly wages. A person making ~$60/hr can make almost $100/hr on overtime or holidays.

Also note, these wages apply to California. The same company will have different wages depending on location.
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I think about £78.000 ....I don't know really this is the question that I'm looking for as well...
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For the most part the previous answer is accurate.

New pharmacists tend to make more then older, not the other way around. Why? The salary has been increasing at a faster rate then standard raises for current employees. You can demand the new graduate salary if you want and you almost always get it. However, you normally have to ask for it.
Right now for a retail pharmacist you are looking at a starting pay of around 55-60/hour.
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As with any profession there are those that make millions like Dr. Phill to those that make a rather modest salary. A lot of what a person makes is dependent not actually on how good they may or may not be but on the circumstances that are presented to them, situations they may become involved in and luck. With any College and professional degree the odds are that you will make more than if you do not have the education because education is a key to financial stability but it is not a guarantee.
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When you first start out as a pharmacist, you get to pick how much you want to make that year as long as it is alright with the company you are currently working for

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