What Is A Structured Interview?


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Structured interviews are those conducted when it is known at the outset what information is needed. The interviewer has a list of predetermined question to be asked of the respondents either personally, through the telephone, or through the medium of a pc. The questions are likely to focus on factors that had surfaced during the unstructured interviews and are considered relevant to the problem. As the respondents express their views the researcher would note them down. The same questions will be asked of everybody in the same manner. Sometimes however based on the exigencies of the situation the experienced researcher might take a lead from a respondent's answer and ask other relevant questions not on the interview protocol. Through this process new factors might be identified resulting in a deeper understanding. However to b able to recognize probable response, the interviewer must comprehend the purpose and goal of each question. This is particularly important when a team of trained interviews conducts the survey.

Visuals aids such as pictures, line drawings, cards and other materials are also sometimes used in conducting interviews. The appropriate visuals are shown to the interviewees who then indicate their responses to the questions posed. So the data can be gathered through structured interviews.
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A structured job interview is a standardized way of comparing job candidates. The employer creates interview questions focused on the skills and abilities the company is seeking. Each interviewee is asked the exact same questions, in the exact same order. The employer also creates a standardized scale for evaluating candidates. Every interviewee is ranked on the same scale.

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