Who Are Event Managers? What Are Their Qualities?


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Events manager
The profession
Professional change is like a technological change. It is giving new shoots of work in different and new directions. Event manger profession or work is also in one of them.
Events managers work to plan, co-ordinate and publicized a wide range of promotional, educational, sporting, and social events. To work as event manager you have to specialise in particular area of field, such as exhibitions, conferences, product launches, fundraising events, festivals, parties, or wedding planning.

Events managers may work for particular organization or freelance, in the form of group of people. Alternatively, organizations and businesses may employ their own employee to organize events. Some people hire specialist suppliers within the events industry (such as venues, and catering/hospitality services). It depends on the nature of events they organized.

In multinational companies, their work divided according to department like sales marketing and operations, which are responsible for monitoring the events from initial stage to the running stage. The event managers of the organization may take help from the outside suppliers, but overall they are responsible for the completion of the project and keep tracking the schedule of the event run successfully.

Specialized areas
Event managers are also work in specialized areas like organizing seminars, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, shows; trade fairs home parties and even wedding events.
Depth of work
He event manager working for particular organization have time schedule and they are limited to work in working hours of their job. Otherwise, the event managers who work freelancer work with group of people whop help him through out the events and they can work 24 hours on their choice. They have to work not in the office but also on the venue where the events planned.
To become an event manager you have to be
• A good time management skill
• Must be creative, hard worker, enthusiastic
• Have good communication skills to work in a team and to grab the customers.
• Must have knowledge of sales,/marketing, and latest trends.
• Have ability to perform multitasking.
• Able to work before deadlines with dedication.
• Plan suitable budgets.

Now a days we have some institutes who are offering the degree in event manager. We can adopt as profession. To work as event manager, you have to take a license.
It is a very good and profitable business. You can earn a lot with this profession. Many people are moving towards this profession successfully.
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Events managers are in charge for organising and managing all kinds of promotional, business and social events. You would control the entire task, from arranging toward the begin to running the occasion on the day.

As per exploration, the most coveted quality in prospective managers is a good personality.The specific personality traits that beat the rundown were drive, innovativeness, and open-mindedness and the other qualities of an event managers are like Resourceful, Versatility, Communication, Good at problem-solving.

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