How Do Executives Manage Their Time And Also What Are The Challenges Of Time Management?


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Time management is one of the critical aspects of our work life, as well as life in general. The impact is more obvious at work than at other situations, because work is where we spend most of our time and also it is where our energy is translated into profitability and income. To be able to work well, it is very necessary to be able to manage time well.

Executives manage their time well by planning and scheduling their activities daily. To be able to function with maximum efficiency, we need to be able to plan al our tasks. Planning enables us to fit in activities sequentially, thereby ensuring that we are able to achieve maximum functionality within the timeframes given.

The challenges of time management are many. Some of the key challenges include the ability to multitask efficiently, ensure that we are able to devote the required amount of time for all activities without skipping any deadlines, etc.

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