What Has Been The Most Challenging Part Of Being A Call Center Agent?


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Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
Talking to mean grouchy people.  Who swear at you and everything else.  They will also say, do you know what time it is.  You just interupted my dinner.  I answered the phone for you.  I am on the do not call list who the heck is this.  Give me more info.  Crazy things like that make it hard to deal with.  Just think though if you work in this environment yes you are bothering people.  But not everyone is mean.  And the grouchy mean people can't see you nor ever will and they have their right to feel the way they do, just they shouldn't say rude things and use fowl language.  It is a paying job too.  Good luck, if you work in this environment.  A lot of people can't handle it.  But don't let it get to you.  Good luck.

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