What Are The Objectives Of Administrative Office Management?


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I have just been promoted to office manager and I need to set my objectives, please assist.
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The aim of administrative office management is to mange all the issues related to human resources in the office such as payroll, remuneration, training etc. It also involves the responsibility of hiring, recruiting and training new employees as well as interns. Another task is to maintain relations with the vendors and maintain the adequate level of supplies for the office o function properly. It also has a supervisory role in marinating databases and over seeing the work of the finance and computer assistants. This type of function requires the manager to possess the ability to multi task and be able to prioritize work so that the most important things get done first.
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You are basically going to use the resources at your disposal with combination with human efforts to make achieve positive results. You are responsible for the day to day running of the office and for ensuring that every aspect of the business is running smoothly.

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