What Is The Average Salary Of A Fitness Manager?


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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently said that fitness instructors who work within a fitness club will earn around $30,610 as of the year 2008. However, managers will generally make more money in time. says that a fitness manager of a fitness club is able to make nearly $80,000 a year in the United States.

In terms of bonuses, there is potential - and some people do work by commission. Potential bonuses for fitness club managers can be rather substantial, equating to around $30,000 a year - making it quite a well paid job overall. These bonuses occur per annum. Commissions can also be in the cards, in regards to recruiting clients to the fitness club. These will average out to around $15,000 ever year, once again according to Glassdoor.

Just like with most managerial jobs out there, you are going to need a lot of experience and a good education before you can start working as a fitness club manager. Diploma Guide says that at least two or three years of experience working as a personal trainer will be considered as necessary, and a person will only be taken into account if they have this kind of experience. It's also beneficial to have a bachelor's degree when applying for this role, in something like physical education or exercise science. A national trainer certificate is preferred as well, as it proves that you are capable. Basic computer knowledge is also necessary for obvious reasons. Sometimes it will be required that the person has had at least a year of working as a manager in any other role. If you are currently unemployed but have this kind of experience then this could be the perfect role for you. Not only is it an enjoyable role but it's well paid and satisfying.
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It looks as if a corporate fitness center manager should earn more than a worker in some parts of the fitness industry. I've seen a figure of around $36,000 - $40,000, but if you have a look at this overview you can find out more.
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5000us dollars

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