What Is The Average Salary For Registered Nurses In Colorado?


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In today’s shaky economic times, some fields or career paths can see you through.  The health care industry is one of those paths which are booming financially, and where there is a shortage of healthcare workers or nurses in particular, this is even more so.   

In Colorado, many opportunities are available for an experienced nurse to flourish and to be nicely compensated at the same time.  The salary range differs from city to city and different types of nurses make different salaries.  A home care nurse can make about $65,000 per year in the city of Denver.  A certified nurse midwife in Boulder, Colorado can make up to $94,000.  
Head nurses have many options.  They can work in the emergency room, in obstetrics, the operating room, and manage others in in-home care residents and facilities where patients are bed-ridden in their home.  These are just a few of the specialty niches head nurses can work in.  
A head nurse of a nursing home in Colorado Springs, Colorado can make up to $56,000 a year.   The head nurse in a Boulder, Colorado hospital can make, on average, more than $90,000 per year.  The same amount of salary can be earned if the head nurse works in the emergency room or obstetrics (nearly $92,000 in one year).   
Licensed practical nurses or LPNs usually work in schools, nursing homes, and work in clinics or other outpatient care facilities.  The average salary of a LPN in Denver, Colorado who does hospice or in-home care is about $45,000.  If the LPN works in a nursing home, he or she may make a little less ($43,000 yearly).
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The US national average is around $63,800. However, if you click here you can find salary details for different cities in Colorado, and if you type in facts like your experience, you can get a more detailed idea. (You should click the "Basic" button on the left - the right-hand button takes you to a window where you have to pay for an exact profile.)
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I don't have a specific info for Colorado but RNs earn between $41,356 - $79,746. 

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