Explain Management As Art Science And Profession?


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Explain management as a professional
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No matter how competent or hardworking these managers are, they understand that no one can achieve an organization's goals alone. Management involves working with and through other people. Because people are unpredictable, and because the interaction between managers and employees is unpredictable, it is impossible to impose a rigid set of rules that will work in every situation. That's one reason management is as much an art as a science.

Consider Lia Manoliu, a former Olympic bronze medalist. As president of Romania's national Olympic committee, she held a pivotal position that affected her country's entry into the 1992 Olympics. She relied on her ability to lead, motivate, and influence people as well as on her technical skills of administration, planning, and budgeting, using both the art and the science of management to deal with a variety of challenges and people. Among other tasks, she recommended the standards for team athletes, facilitated the team's training and travel funding, and recruited coaches and trainers. Her interaction with government officials, members of the International Olympic Committee, coaches, and athletes was as important to Romania's Olympic performance as the prowess of its athletes.

Over the years, many management principles have been scientifically codified for study and application. However, people cannot fully develop their management skills without applying some creative talents. That's why managers draw heavily on their own experience as they balance the demands and opportunities of their jobs. Moreover, the growing body of knowledge about managerial techniques and tools suggests that managers also need to apply invention and intuition, especially when the facts and figures don't paint a clear picture of what to do.

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