What Do You Think Is The Single Most Critical 'People Problem' That Managers Face Today? 


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In my opinion, the biggest 'people problem' that managers face these days is the challenge of developing new skills to match their level of responsibility.

The biggest people problem that managers face
When a manager is promoted, it can be easy to rely on the same skill-set and approach that led to that promotion in the first place.

We are all conditioned to replicate the things that garner us success, after all.

However, problems can arise when a manager's experience and skills don't match their new level.

For example, someone who achieved great success at a junior level might be promoted based on this performance - but that doesn't necessarily mean that the same people-skills will be needed to succeed in a more senior role.

Each new level needs to be seen as a new learning opportunity and, whilst past-experience is important, success can only be achieved through personal development.

My recommendation to all managers would be to get familiar with the 'Key Performance Indicators' and 'Standard Operating Procedures' of their role, and to then tailor their approach to meet these requirements - even if that means changing strategy.
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One day your boss comes in he/she is nervous, edgy, and argumentative. The next day he/she is calm and relaxed.

This behavior supports the idea that personality traits are not consistent from day to day.
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I think this can happen when a manager has to face the day when she has so tasks to do.  It's terrible to think that one day you'll be gone with no explanation.

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