What Are Qualities Of Good Cabin Crew?


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The qualities of a good cabin crew are approachability, warm personality, sincerity, honesty, having a humble disposition, friendliness, discipline, stable emotion, having good listening skills, rule oriented, being organised, having a cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding, adaptability, assertiveness, dedication to details and having a good sense of humour. 

A cabin crew will be on board the aircraft for the safety of the passengers. In case any real-life emergency actually happens, a cabin crew has to ensure that all the passengers follow the instructions of the captain, use the safety equipment in the correct way and to stay calm in the situation.

During any flight, a cabin crew will spend their time making sure that the passengers are comfortable in all respects. This will involve looking after the needs of disabled people, people who might be ill, or children who are travelling alone. A crew must appear sympathetic and friendly to anyone who needs help, reassurance or advice, and at times must have a firm persuasion.

Other duties that a crew performs during a flight will be to prepare and serve drinks and meals and clean up afterwards, sell duty-free goods, as well as help passengers use the in-flight entertainment system. There will also be paperwork they must complete. This could include custom and immigration documents, flight reports, drink and meal orders and accounts of duty-free sales. When the flight is over, a crew must make sure that the passengers safely leave the airplane. The successful candidate also has to always remain level headed and calm in any emergency situation and be completely flexible working with any new people, working at all hours, and flying to different destinations.

In short, a good cabin crew will have to combine being a flying waitress or waiter, a cleaner, an aircraft shop assistant and supervise emergency services all at the same time.
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Cabin crew are the people with whom the customers/ passengers come into contact and for them the cabin crew is the airline. This puts added responsibility on the shoulders of the cabin crew so that people leave with a good image of the airline. Cabin crew must have good and pleasant personalities and must have the art of presenting themselves in a good manner. More over, they must be very friendly so that people do not hesitate in approaching them and asking for their help. They must be very enthusiastic about what they are doing so that the passengers feel comfortable in their hands. Cabin crew members do not work the regular 9 to 5 jobs and they must be flexible and ready to adapt to the ever changing schedules and no let this affect their jobs. In addition to this they must be very calm and patient and must have the presence of mind to deal with emergencies and put the safety of passengers before their own.
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As a cabin crew required the following qualities
patience , smile, polite,positive thinking,
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Communication skill
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Should have pleasing personality,polite,always a smile even if your sad,effective communication skills, patience, care for other person,well grooming,etc.
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