What Are Expected Questions To Be Ask For A Cabin Crew Interview?


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Firstly it is great that you are trying to be prepared as possible for your interview by researching possible questions. This shows you are determined to do well and is an excellent sign that should impress any potential employer.

You will find most interviews are made up of a mixture of generic and more job or company specific questions. As you may already know the more clichˇ type standard interview questions, we will concentrate on the more specific to the role of cabin crew questions.

A typical question you may face at a cabin crew interview would be 'what would you do if you were faced with an angry passenger while on board the plane?'

Your answer needs to be thought about carefully as this is one of the more crucial questions to nail. You want to show you would always be in control and not panic in more stressful situations. Therefore an answer that explains that you would try to calm the passenger down in a soothing and controlled tone of voice would be ideal. You should also tell them that you will do your best to address their problem but that they need to be respectful to you and their fellow passengers.

Another cabin crew specific question may be 'why do you think you would make a good cabin crew member?'. A good answer to this needs to be one that draws upon all your strengths. Therefore saying that you believe your strong work ethic, your love for travel and meeting new people, your language skills (if you have them) and your ability to thrive in stressful environments will make you the ideal candidate.
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You might be asked the following questions during the cabin crew interview:
- Describe yourself
- What are your strengths and weaknesses?
- How do you think you are most suitable for our airline?
- Why did you choose indigo airline?
- What are your qualifications?
- How do you think your qualifications and experience matches with our requirement?
- Why should we hire you?
- How would you handle an emergency situation?
- Give an example from your previous career about teamwork?
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Describe yourself in 3 words?
What is your weakness?
What do you know abt our airline?
How will your schoolic qualification help you in working with our organization?
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There are a number of questions that can be asked in a Cabin Crew interview. The key is to be prepared in every aspect. Some of the interview questions can be as follows:

- What are your strengths?
- What are your weaknesses?
- Tell us about yourself?
- What are your achievements?
- What is your educational background?
- What is your professional background?
- How does your previous experience help in your job as a Cabin crew member?
- What qualities do you think a Cabin crew member must have?
- How do you think you can make a difference in our organization?

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