Are You Happy With Your Career?


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I'm retired now, but I was very happy with my career. If I could change things now, I would want my job back. There were circumstances, that made my retirement the best thing for me at the time. Without those circumstances, I would have never left. I can honestly say I loved my job.
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Robyn Rothman
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You are very welcome. Check my bio if you want to see what I did for 28 years. I do volunteer work now, and my occupation helps me answer questions on Blurtit.
Katarzyna Guernsey
robierr44 what a wonderful answer,I think that you must miss working a lot since you loved your job!Hope you know hoe precious your help is now to all the poeople that you volunteer your time for and people here on blurtit.:)
Robyn Rothman
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I also volunteer my time to drive cancer patients to their treatments. I wanted to do that long ago, but my work hours were kind of crazy so I wasn't able to do it. I can know
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I WAS happy with my career but they just "realigned" and reduced my salary by over $25k per year. I've been fortunate to work with this company for 27 years, but I think they are trying to weed out the "old farts" (me) now. The writing is on the wall. My husband and I are looking in to opening our own business, he's retired and has the time to investigate opportunity.
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Truly I am not happy with my career at the moment. I have done Masters in computer sciences. I wanted to join a software house but for some reason I couldn't and started as an accounts officer. I did this work for a long time and now I am doing job in the same organization with designation of Assistant Director Research and Development. I am also incharge of IT section in my organization.

I do have good research skills and and I also do freelance content writing for some websites. SEO field seems to be interesting and I am thinking to make my career in it.
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Hi ,
I know what you mean when you say you are not happy in your career. There are many people like that. I was always told "if you found a job you loved you would never have to go to work.". I am retired and I love it because I am now involved with network marketing with a great company and a fantastic product that enables me to help people and also make money working my own hours and doing my own business. You might find it interesting. I can give you the link to the website if you are interested.
God bless you as you decide what to do.
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Yes, I would like to know what the website you mentioned. Thank you. but how are we going to do that???
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I am retired and would be interested in the web ink also, please send it to me. Thanks
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I am currently unemployed due to a layoff but was very happy with my career and look forward to getting another employer doing the same thing I was before. Each and every career, employer and job has it's pros and cons. As long as the pros list is either longer or things that you value more, then you should consider yourself happy with your choice.

I would like to add your question to my group site. Would you mind? (finding jobs in the US)
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I was in state government for 34 years and very pleased until the last few years and it all turned into a circus so I took early retirement, very happy now.
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No regrets! And if I have to do it all over again, I'll still do the same thing. I'm the CEO of CTCV Global Consultancy and CTCV Global Trading.
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Over the last 30 years I have worked in the community and government sectors, particularly in education.  Recently I have taken on a senior HR role.  Although I have been more than satisfied with my career to date, I always had a "hankering" to be self employed.  Raising a family made this a risk I wasn't prepared to accept.

However, I have blended my full time career with a second career as a web designer and owner.  I have several career and article related websites that make resources easily accessible to people all over the world.  Whilst I am not yet ready to give up my career as a senior employee, the benefits of the web business have been tremendous.

The primary benefit is autonomy, coupled with a sense of pride in doing a job well.  Although I am not ready to take on the Fortune 500 companies, the extra diversified income streams have been a real bonus.  I am more than happy with my lot, and have that confidence which comes from being able to identify real personal achievements.

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Yes I am happy but at times it is difficult there are very few woman but it is getting better. Special Inspections NDT,CWI,Construction and so on but it is different and that makes it interesting and a challenge

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