What Interests You About This Position/how Does This Position Fit With Your Career Goals?


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Unfortunately, we are unable to answer this question for you.

  • Supplying Proper Information
To answer a question in detail and with any certainty, we need to have all the details the question is referring to. For example the question asks "what interests you about this position?" What is the position? There are hundreds of jobs out there so it could be any type of position you are talking about. Also, this question seems to be personal to you. Since it asks what interests you about the position it is hard to determine what your actual interest might be regarding whatever position is being discussed.

This also applies to how the position might fit with your career options. What are your career options? What have you decided you want to do as a career? If you supply this information with a question like this it is possible to answer the question.

  • Positions
Construction, management, restaurant work, hotel work, and any other position have responsibilities that may be of interest to you. For example, if you are signing up to be a manager, you may believe that a job as a manager will allow you to expand your education in order to eventually run your own company or to rise higher in the management team.

From the information we have supplied here, hopefully you can find your own answer to the questions. With the chance that anyone else might have a similar question consider looking at yourself. What are some of the things you enjoy doing? What type of job do you have the education to obtain? What skills do you have or what type of personality do you have that might help you decide what the best career is for you? There are aptitude tests online to use.

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I would look at the job spec and pick out maybe two areas you are most interested in (you may need to use your imagination a bit), try to elaborate on why you like these areas. Don't forget to relate your answer to the requirements the employer is looking for, for instance, if the job requires that you work with members of the community, big up the experience you have had in this area and how much job satisfaction you had, what you achieved etc... Be positive, smile and stay calm.

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