What Will Your Answer Be If You Were Asked To State Your Expected Salary In A Job Interview?


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Ahmed Ali answered
I would suggest not to over state or understate the desired salary. Keep the job description in mind, evaluate your qualifications and skill set against the JD, and most importantly analyze the interviewer's behavior/attitude towards you during the interview. Don't be shy to ask for a good salary, no one but you know best what your skills value.
Ahmed Ali
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Saadia Samad answered
Salary is always been an important factor before joining any organization. It is also said if one cannot get an appropriate salary he or she cannot gain full interest in the job. A good salary package can be a good factor of having enjoyment in the job. A well paid organizations are always have good turnover rate of their employees the employees are more committed and dedicated towards their duties.

While in an interview you can ask for the salary always higher to what you are currently earning. The more experience and good education to high in the salary expectations. Lets suppose if I am into the interview , and the interviewer will ask me about my salary I would first look at the position for which he is taking my interview then I add 25% to 50%of my existing salary ad a demand. But I will surely say that this salary is negotiable and then soon after I will ask him to give me the offer .

Sometimes it does happened that we have to wait for long just for their offer .

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