What Is The Definition Of An Administrative Leader?


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A regular definition of leadership has been difficult to create, and arguably there is no generally accepted definition that actually exists. An administrative leader, however, must have a definition if it is going to be used. It is somebody who leads a team of people, and will be in charge of some kind of administration. An administrative leader will have roles that include talking and communicating, managing information, performing specific tasks and ensuring that the people they work with remain effective and understand precisely what they need to do to remain effective.

A leader can be anything from a Prime Minister to a teacher. A teacher is there not only to ensure that all their pupils or students get the highest-quality education and the best chances in life, but is also there to ensure that their students are led by an individual who knows what they’re doing. The leader must inspire and direct, but not control. When a leader controls too much then the people that are led become disenchanted and believe that their leader is not their for their best interests.

This is very much true in terms of a leader like a Prime Minister or President. A Prime Minister or a President must gain the trust of the electorate, and remain to be working in the interests of the people. If a leader like this becomes too focused on their own power and forgets about the people, then it’s understandable why the electorate become disenchanted and punishes them in the next election.

All leaders must maintain a fine balance. They must be able to lead, they must be able to inspire, but they must always be there to ensure that everybody gets the best chances and the overall goal is achieved - no matter what that goal is.

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