What Is Leadership?


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Leadership is the composite of the abilities and characteristics of an individual leader of the environment in which he operates and of the relationship developed between the leader and the led.

True leadership is a positive force, based on cooperation and mutual trust. It does not involve the exercise of authority through commands and the threat of punishment for non compliance. It is an interpersonal process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group towards the attainment of a goal in the given situation. The real essence of leadership is the ability to obtain from subordinates the highest quality that they have the capacity to render.

Leadership consists of set of actions that influence the group towards the attainment of the group objectives. One outstanding function of leadership is that of defining and reforming attitudes. Another function is that of making and modifying the social programme.

Leadership does not imply stepping forward and hoping that the rest will follow. It entails giving support from behind, enabling people to enhance their abilities and to achieve their desired goals in an atmosphere of goodwill and harmony.

Leadership varies in different situations. Usually, the characteristics of a particular group determine the kind of leadership which is required.
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Leader is a person who can control and manage his/her teams and tasks effectively and efficiently. A leader has various types of leadership qualities like good communication skills, management skills, organizing skills and so on. Ever person has a spark of leadership qualities and in order to recognize those attributes one need to give some time to himself/herself. A true leader is a one who learn from other lives and experiences and not pretend to be some one else.
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The activity of leading; "his leadership inspired the team"  the body of people who lead a group; "the national leadership adopted his plan"  the status of a leader; "they challenged his leadership of the union"  the ability to lead; "he believed that leadership can be taught"

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