How Did You Go About Planning For A Recent Event/project You Handled?


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A clear and solid idea came first on my mind before planning a concrete details that would proceed later on. Objective and Mission should be set upon having a clear idea about the project. A step by step solution and detailed summary of a proposed plan is essential in order to achieve goals.
Recent event that I handled was a friend's birthday celebration. It all went smoothly despite the stress and complicated situations that I encountered during the event. Being the party organizer was hard because the spectators expectations should be satisfied. So it was a challenge for me as the master of the party to make every guest happy especially the celebrant who happens to be a close friend of mine. The overall concept of the party was inspired by a Modern way which requires every participants to wear smart casual. The motif to food was not that particular cause the celebrant was a guy and majority of the guests were males. So it was easy to handle the taste for foods of all the guests. So all in all the party was a success and everyone left with a smile on their faces.
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The planning part of my project had been divided into the following:
- Mission and goals in mind
- Action plan
- Contingency planning
- Searching for alternatives
- Choosing the best possible solution

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