How Did You Handle A Time You Prioritized A Personal Matter Over Work?


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It is very difficult to work out how to prioritize a personal matter over work, because it does completely depend on what the matter is and the environment of your workplace.

  • How to prioritize a personal matter
In order to decide whether a personal matter takes precedence over work, you will need to consider the level of importance that comes with the personal issue. For example, if you are suffering from a death in the family then you will be able to prioritize this matter and you work should allow you time off for bereavement purposes.

However, if your personal matter is something that is to do with a relationship break up, for example, then you may have to consider putting it to the back of your mind during work. It can be tough to carry on as normal when you are going through a break up, for example, however, your employers will not appreciate you prioritizing this issue over your responsibilities at work.

  • The type of workplace
It is important to consider the type of workplace you are in and what the environment is like. For example, people that work from home may have to manage their time effectively already so dealing with a personal matter can sometimes be resolved at the time. However, if you are doing shift work then you may have to put the issue to the back of your mind at that precise moment and focus on the job at hand.

The situation also differs depending on your employers. For example, if you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed relationship with your boss then you could maybe talk to them about a personal matter, however if you have a strict boss who is very regimental, you may need to prioritize work before your personal issue.
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When you have children, there are times when they have to come first. One time my son was sick and couldn't go to school. I couldn't find a babysitter for him, so I had to stay home with him for a week. I ended up getting fired but in a case like that, what else could I do? The company was not family friendly. But I guess it worked out because now I have a job with a company that allows me to set my own hours and can take time off if I have to.
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A person with disability during an unexpected weather. One time I am about to go to office but the weather is not good. The rain is strong and the wind blows as well. I find difficulties in I decided not to go to office because I might put myself to risk and have an accident if I further continue to go. I preferred to stay at home and be safe and go to office later and explain why.
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Well I'm still in school but when my greandparents died my mom stopped working for a while.
And when I got sick and had to go to the hospital for about a week my parents stoped working and stayed with me
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It's my opinion that MOST of the time, supervisors/bosses would be understanding to personal situations that "come up" For Example: A death in the family, sick child, broken water heater, car problems etc.

My brother-in-law passed away suddenly (while I was at work) - I left the job within 5 minutes of being notified of his death.   As soon as I got the call, I notified my supervisor.  She said, "leave... Go be with your family."  And, I did just that.

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