What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of Assistant Manager Sales?


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I used to work in Insurance & got promoted to assistant manager. Basically alls it is is your the assistant to your manager, which involves when she's really busy you do some of her work (the easiest work that she or he knows you'll be able to do. A lot of it might involve rynning errands for them, signing letters & putting them in envelopes on their behalf. Doing their photocopying for them etc etc.  Don't worry about it &if you have any trouble understanding what job they have given you just ask them to explain it again to you.  Depending on where you work & what your job title is & the company you work for then it should be a doddle.  Don't panic, you'll be fine. I have lots more tips to tell you but have to go to into work for a couple of hours.  If you need to know more then my user name is don-one & I'll be happy to give you more advice reagarding this matter. Good luck with it either way xx - p.s - My assistant manager job involved sales & it can be hard & a lot of pressure can be put on you but I really need to get to work now. Get back to me if you want to know more x

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