What Are The Different Types Of Operations Found In The Hospitality And Catering Industry?


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There are typically 13 different sectors found within the hospitality and catering industry all with their own target consumer and specific service on offer. Here are the varying business markets within the industry with a brief description.

• Hotels - The hotel sector is the largest aspect of the 'accommodation' sector. They can range from one or two bed guesthouses to vast luxury hotels.

• Events - Companies in the events business organizing openings, galas and parties for businesses and individuals.

• Travel services - This is made up of companies that provide travel arrangements for businesses who pay a fee for the logistical duties that are undertaken for them.

• Tourist services - An arrangement service that organizes travel options, excursions or accommodation for individuals and groups.

• Visitor attractions - This can be anything from a bicycle museum to a theme park, such as Disneyland.

• Self catering - This is un-serviced accommodation without the provision of a catered food service.

• Pubs, bars and nightclubs - Premises licensed to serve liquor.

• Gambling - Casinos, gaming halls, etc

• Contract catering - These businesses provided food and drink for business and private parties.

• Membership clubs - This is a club that has a no entry policy unless affiliated with the organization.

• Hostels - Hostel accommodation is usually made up of bunk beds with four to six people sharing a room and bathroom facilities.

• Holiday parks - Usually a mix of serviced and self catered accommodation. Often equipped with plenty of leisure facilities like swimming pools and play parks.
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There are typically 5 different sectors found within the hospitality and catering industry all with their own target consumer and specific service on offer.

1. Define the term ‘catering establishment is defined as one that provides food and or drink(beverage).

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This is known as a product-and-service provider.Lots of different kinds of commercial (for money) businesses operate in the catering industry, but there are also non-commercial businesses in the industry.

2. Types of Establishments - Catering (Hospitality will be looked at in more detail later in the course) There are 3 main categories into which a type of establishment can fall.

1. Residential establishments

2. Non-residential establishments

3. Non-commercial residential establishments How many can you think of? - Complete your brainstorm

3. Residential Non- Residential Types of Catering Establishments Non-Commercial ResidentialContract Caterers - Caterers who provide food & drink for a function where catering facilities are not already provided.

They prepare the food for functions such as weddings, banquets, garden parties & parties in private houses. They may prepare & cook the food in advance & deliver it to the venue, or they may cook it on site.

4. Lists of types of Catering Establishments Residential Non -Residential Non-Commercial residential Establishments • Hotels • Restaurants • Guest Houses • Cafes • Hospitals • Holiday Parks • Fast-food outlets • Residential homes • Farmhouses • Public houses • Prisons • Public Houses • Wine bars • Armed Services • Bed and Breakfasts • Delicatessen & Salad Bars • Take-away outlets • School meals & transport catering • Burger vansTask - Make sure you have included all of these in your brainstorm.Now add some names of businesses that you know of next to each type of establishment.E.g Fast-food outlets – Mc Donalds.

5. Public House& Wine BarA pub, formally public house, is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain. In many places, especially in villages, a pub can be the focal point of the community.

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