What Qualifications Does A Swimming Instructor Usually Have?


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The only widely accepted accrediting body in the UK is the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). They offer various coarses leading to certification for teaching adults or children, to different ability levels.  Most swimming pools would advertise for a teacher who could teach to Level 2 for both adults and chidlren.  ASA courses typically involve about 40 hours of work.

The ASA also offer specific, less demanding courses for primary school teaches who need to offer swimming instruction.

Most instructors will also have and need basic life-saving skills, or a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ).

There is also professional body, a charity called the Swimming Teacher's Association.  The STA offer their own accreditation scheme, which is mostly supplements rather than competes with the ASA's programme.  The STA is more oriented towards baby swimming lessons, for instance.
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Good question!

I am a qualified swimming teacher who offers private lessons. I get angry when I see other people pass themselves off as qualified to teach when I can clearly tell they are not.
I addition to the above answer, the swiming teacher should also be a member of the IOS (institute of swimming) and/or the STA. They should also have their own public liability insurance which can be obtained by either of these governing bodies. Also a full CRB check and should not be teaching without.

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