What Tickets Do You Need To Work The Oil Rigs?


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In terms of tickets to work the oil rigs it is quite unknown. But by tickets if you mean qualifications and/or licenses there is an answer. To work the oil rigs, being at least 18 years old is an absolute necessity (the average age of a worker on the oil rig is 27), you will have to be physically fit (you will have to take a thorough physical examination including a spinal X-ray), they will screen you for any drug-taking. Most entry-level jobs on the oil rigs don't tend to require any formal educational qualifications as the employer is more interested in your ability to do the job. Some jobs on the oil rig include:

  • Ballast controlman
  • Mud engineer

They tend to require at least secondary level school education. As other positions can get more complex they can require higher levels of education.

Of course it's always good to have some work experience, as it is with any job. However, if you do not have any, you don't get ruled out automatically and you still have a chance to get the job as there are a number of entry-level jobs on the oil rig.

Even entry-level jobs on the oil rig are well paid, especially in consideration of the small amount of experience and educational qualifications required to work. The more complex jobs can reach a much higher wage.

  • For example, oil rig managers could earn between £40,000 and £55,000 per year
  • Even the entry level jobs can earn you about £20,000 per year

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