Can You Create A List Of 10 Questions About The Religion You Would Like To Ask During The Interview?


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Hi buddy!
If I would be an interviewer then I would never ask any question about religion. Anyways some of the questions which can be asked are as follows:
  1. From which state do you belong and what is the religion over there?
  2. What is your own religion?
  3. What if you are not born in this religion?
  4. What are different percentages of people belonging to different religions in your state?
  5. What does your religion says about employment means?
  6. What codes of conduct your religion gives?
  7. What do your religion state about other religions?
  8. Is your religion aggressive?
  9. What does your religion says about bribery?
  10. How much you act on your religious values?
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BEN GREGO answered
WOW you better not ask or be asked anything about relgion!! What the heck does your faith have to do with a job??? What type of job are you interviewing for, anyway??? Or what type of company do you work for if you are the interviewer?????? I WOULD SERIOUSLY NOT ask/answer any religious faith based's against the law in the USA!!!
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Religion should never be brought into an interview.  Religion shouldn't be a basis for hiring or firing an individual so it shouldn't be asked in an interview.  This is a very bad way to conduct interviews for your franchise or business.
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Another one to add is how do your religious beliefs affect your political views.

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