What Type Of Questions Are Asked During The Interview For System Administration?


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A system administrator's job is not easy. He is responsible for the safety and protection of all the servers and computers in an office. He is responsible for keep the computers free of any viruses and make it smooth for all the employees. If anything goes wrong with any of the computers, the system administrator is held responsible. A system administrator's negligence can put a company at a big risk. It is better to go prepared for a system administrator's job. During the interview, the interviewer may ask you some questions all relating to the server.

He may ask you how well call you protect and save. He may ask some of your ideas on how to improve the security. He may also take a small test of you regarding the security of a server. It is very important to stay alert at all times because that is what is required for a system administrator's job.
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Here I collected some interview questions on System administration.

  1. What is a Domain?
  2. What is Domain Controller?
  3. What are GPOs (Group Policy Objects)?
  4. What is LDAP?
  5. Where is the AD database stored?
  6. What is the SYSVOL folder?
  7. When do we use WDS?
  8. What is DNS and which port number is used by DNS?
  9. What are main Email Servers and which are their ports?
  10. Why do we use DHCP?
  11. What are Lingering Objects?
  12. How do you backup AD?
  13. What are your responsibilities during network infrastructure implementations?
  14. Describe the data backup and recovery process on a Mac. How is the process different with a PC?
  15. How do you install and configure a printer in Windows 10?
  16. How do you determine a server capacity? Why and how often do you need to upgrade a server?
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          Hello friends. There are many questions they may ask and I don't even want to say them all. In reality, the questions are not very important because you are able to answer them all. You need to use this technology to find a good job and of course, you need to practise answering questions for a job interview.

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