I Have A Interview And Want To Know About The Analytical, Logical And Quantitative Questions That I Am Likely To Be Asked?


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In an interview, the applicant is mainly tested on the following qualities:

Listening skills: how attentive the applicant is to the questions says a great deal.
Analytical and logical reasoning skills: How a person analyses a problem greatly says something about his or her intelligence.
Manner of presenting information: finding the answer is not enough, one must present it in a way to make it comprehensible.
An interview also tests a person's skill in performing under pressure.
The key to cracking an interview is to master the above qualities. One must know to communicate well. The most important thing is to organize one's thoughts in a logical sequence.

Following are some sample interview questions that test you ability to analyze:
Why do you want this job?
Why should we hire you?
The interviewer can also present a make believe problem which you must provide a solution for.

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