Why Is Hotel And Restaurant Management In Demand In The Philippines Today?


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Hotel and restaurant management courses are very popular in the Philippines - which has a lot to do with the boom in the Filipino tourism industry.

Why is hotel and restaurant management so big in the Philippines?
One of my friends recently got married. He and wife chose the Philippines as their honeymoon destination, partly because of the stunning beaches, and partly because of the amazing local cuisine.

Whatever the reason for visiting the Philippines, there's no denying that the tourism industry there is really blossoming - especially when compared to the downward trend of other sectors.

This influx of tourists means more demand for hotels and restaurants. With new venues opening, seemingly every day, the job market in the Filipino hospitality industry is flourishing.

This has led to a surge in student applicants, who are interested in learning a bit more about hotel and restaurant management, because more and more Filipinos view a career in this sector as an exciting and profitable prospect!
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Probably because there is a lot more tourism now.
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Due to large amount of visitors and tourists coming to Philippine. Some of the world's top hotels are also in Philippines,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore. This is a big income earning source for these countries. 

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