How Much Notice Do I Need To Give For One Day Off In Work When Paid Monthly?


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You are entitled to a written statement of your terms and conditions of employment as long as you have worked for your employer for at least one month. Most employees receive this at the beginning of their contract. This statement must contain information on your right to holidays, including public holidays and holiday pay. Your employer must give you enough information to work out your entitlement to holidays and holiday pay, and your right to any holiday pay you may have built up when you leave your job. If you have not received this information, request it from your Line Manager or someone on your HR team. If you have not been given an agreement with your employer about how much notice you have to give before you can take holiday then technically, this notice must be at least twice as long as the holiday you want to take. For example, if you want to take three days’ leave, you must give your employer notice of this at least six days before your holiday is due to start. In this instance, if you'd like to take one day off, you need to give your employer two days notice. Your employer can refuse to let you take this holiday. To do this they must give you notice equal to the holiday you want to take. So again, in this instance they would need to let you know two days before you wish to take leave, that you cannot take your holiday at this time. Your employer will pay your holiday pay at the same rate as your normal pay, unless otherwise stated in your contract. If your employer is refusing to let you take holiday at a particular time, you should seek the advice of an experienced adviser.

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