What Are The Requirments For Pia Airhostess Interview?


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NO Need of Eductaion no need of look or height or manners or common sense,you must be rude ugly small and fat must have experience of smuggling cigarettes and other goods in bulks but must have Strong Political influence neputism family connections in  PIA and strong Recommendation and pressure on Human resources staff and some Dirtectors and ministerial level approach in Pakistan-You must keep the all those sweet and happy who has filled forwarded and  supported your application and who recruit you anf then who train and pass you in the training even if you are fail and unfit to work in the must keep different sims cards for different peoples who ever in contact with you from time to time for various reasons which may be very secret confidential and personal and must maintain good timings with every visitor visiting your 5 star room provided free by PIA -you must keep contacts with out siders which ever country or station you go and keep every one sweet to keep his purse clean and neat-

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