What Are The Requirements For SOLAS Training?


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In the modern age in which we reside there are literally hundreds of different training programs and qualifications that you can obtain. Undoubtedly, one of the most important and quite possibly one of the most difficult to obtain is the SOLAS training. SOLAS stands for Safety of Life At Sea. This particular method of training comes under the United States Department of Transportation and the Coast Guard which is an extremely well run and organized section of the American Government. There are similar types of training programs around the world and there are a number of different jobs that require you to have this qualification if you want to enter the profession. You will begin the training program with some basic medical fitness. During this part of the training your sight, hearing and speech will be tested along with your physical fitness. You will also be tested on your communication skills. Once you have completed this section of the program you will then progress onto the operation of lifeboats, rescue boats and other forms or rescue equipment that may be used in case of an emergency. You will also be tested on your world geography knowledge and fire fighting and fire prevention. Much of the fire training will be linked to hazards that come from the various types of equipment that you may come into contact with on a daily basis such as mechanical, electrical and chemical equipment. Finally, you will be taught first aid methods and resuscitation along with a lot of training on the workings of sea vessels. It is a tough training program but one that can help you to into a large number of careers.
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How about if I'm going to work only as utility house keeping in a cruise ship? Will I undergo all of the training included in this topic?
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Safety of Life At Sea SOLAS training falls under the United States Department of Transportation and the Coast Guard. There would a similar connection between the government of other countries and Coast Guard or Sea Mariners of those countries, I believe.

Since you did not specify a country, I will provide the following information. The training regardless of the country would be comparable.

There are various careers related to sea going vessels, which require Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) training. For instance if you chose to work on a cruise ships in some capacity you would need the same basic training as someone working in the area of sea rescue, or product transportation.

Basic training begins with Medical fitness, which means you have to possess good hearing, eyesight and be able to speak, as well as be in good physical condition. Your training would include good communication skills: both written and spoken in English.

Other areas will be: World Geography, Operation of Lifeboats, Rescue boats and other buoyant apparatuses used in rescue. Fire prevention and Fire-fighting; Knowledge of hazards in radio installations and equipment: electrical, mechanical, chemical and radiation hazards. First-aid including resuscitation and other medical techniques.

You will also receive training in theory and practice in manning sea going vessels. Training is extensive requiring perseverance, commitment and sacrifices. However, it is a wonderful career path for a young man to choose.

Enter the words (Training requirements/SOLAS) in your search bar and you will find a lot more information about your topic. Good Luck!
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Training requirement in solas philippines
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Physically fit at sea, speak and write english, has basic knowledge of first aid and cpr, basic, firefighting technique and procedures. Boat handling and navigation, basic rescue skills and evacuation, communication use UHF and VHF radio. Able to fix electrical, radio and safety device.

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