What Are Good Paying Jobs For Ex-felons In Tacoma, Wa?


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Greg Allen answered
Are there any good paying jobs around? It’s a tough job market that you’re entering, so be prepared for the fact that you may be searching longer than you initially hoped. Do you have a trade? If not think about enrolling on a vocational course at your local college, plumbers and electricians are rarely short of work.
Building sites and construction areas are usually good places to earn a quick buck and so are warehouses, it’s not usually great pay but it’s something. Try down the port. Have you tried the oil refinery for work? Simpson Lumber Company might be another place to check out.
Depending on your conviction you could look at starting out at volunteer organisations and building from there. Still to this day, a lot of jobs are granted by knowing people rather than through the jobs pages, network, meet as many people as you can, you’ll soon hear of possible avenues of work. The volunteer work will also look good on your resume, showing you in a new light.
Basically it’s going to be tough, but keep going, keep smiling and be prepared to be flexible. Failing that Seattle is only 50 kilometres away.

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