What Are The Characteristics,duties,and Responsibilities Of A Home Nurse?


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A home nurse is there to care for anyone who is living in their own residence and needing care on an occasional or regular basis. To be a competent, successful home nurse, a candidate will need to have certain characteristics; he or she will also need to perform certain duties and adhere to certain responsibilities. Skill, cleanliness, compassion, and knowledge must be present when a home nurse goes about his or her duties, which are:

• Setting Up An IV - Many home care patients needs to take their medications through an IV setup; an IV is composed of a bag containing a saline solution (and a proper dose of medication), which is then attached to a hollow tube that is inserted into part of a patient's body, through a needle tip. Inserting an IV and preparing intravenous medicines takes a lot of skill and training.
• Taking blood from a patient may also be necessary while working as a home care nurse. That's why nurses need two years of specialized training (and formal certification) before they are allowed to take care of patients. This job is not for the squeamish; people who faint at the sight of blood may not be equipped to deal with the demands of a home nurse position.

A home care nurse must be kind and responsible at all times; he or she will spend a great deal of one-on-one time with a patient, who may be elderly, disturbed, or cranky (from feeling unwell). Dealing with terminal illnesses and the sadness they cause can also be a source of stress at this type of job. It takes a lot of strength and compassion to oversee the care of an invalid or ill person every single day. Education to become a home nurse is available at most colleges.

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