What Are Characteristics Of Home Nursing?


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The main characteristics of home nursing are that the person is treated away from a hospital or doctors surgery and instead has the treatment and care given to them at home. Home nursing is a valuable aspect of nursing and it not only gives the patient a bit more comfort and pleasure of being able to be in familiar surroundings and close to family and friends, but it also frees up valuable space in hospitals.

Some nurses are specifically home-nurses and so will travel from house to house to visit and treat their roster of patients. Sometimes a patient's condition can become too serious and so they are eventually transferred to a hospital to be closely monitored.

Without home nursing there may well not be enough space in hospitals and so people will not get the treatment they require in the time they need it. Although, it is admirable that you are keen to help with your sister's and cousin's homework, simply asking the question and then giving them the answer will not be beneficial to them in the long-run.

It is fine for a person to get some help with their homework, but they need to still do the bulk of the work and it should certainly be them that comes up with the answer and consequently writes it up. You can point them in the right direction by all means and answer any queries they may have but it is detrimental to their development to simply do the work for them.
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A good home nurse possesses the following characteristics:
*Sympathetic ang understanding,
*patient ang reliable,
*neat ang clean,
*Sensitive to the needs of the patient,
*gentle, and
*systematic and orderly...

This was our 1st grading lesson.. ^^
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The characteristics of home nursing
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There are a number of characteristics of Nursing home like number of beds, the types of ownership and one of the characteristics depend on the willingness that whether the nursing home wants to participate in Medicare or in Medicaid or in both.
www.medicare.gov/Nursing/Overview.asp - 54k

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