Can You Explain The Importance Of Organization And Management?


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Saurav Mandal answered
An organisation is an identified group of people contributing their efforts towards attainment of certain common objectives.  The importance of organisation are as follows: 
  • Efficient administration
  • Growth and diversification
  • adaptation of new technology
  • optimum use of human resources
  • specialisation
  • security and suport
  • coordination and communication
  • training and development
  Management is indispensable for for the successful functioning of every organisation.  The importance of organisation are as follows: 
  • achievement of group goals
  • optimum utilisation of resources
  • minimisation of cost
  • survival and growth
  • generation of employment
  • development of nation
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dee clemmy answered
Management is the process of planning,organizing,staffing,directing,controlling,reporting and budgeting of resources so as to achieve goals effectively and efficiently.
An organization is a group of   people who put their skills together to achieve a common organizational goal.
Therefore,both management and organization are geared towards achieving an effective goal and organizing is a function of management.

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