Can You Explain The Importance Of Principles Of Management In An Organisation?


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Management principles are stated values related to the mission statement for the company. Public relations with other companies is important, so understanding the stated goals for the company is important. HOW management teams are to deliver on these goals, is going to affect the whole company.

For example. A manager who starts as a popular employee is friends with everyone, hangs out after hours, but became manager when others are all calling in sick, etc. The new manager buddy is now a shift supervisor, who gets the crummy hours when his buddies don't show up for work. So now, this new manager has to uphold and enforce the company policies, on going home early, on showing up, etc.

The core principles of management anywhere, is getting people to do what they need to do to make that group or organization run. By run, I mean function in an effective capacity achieving some or most of their core goals.

There are many books and classes taught about how to get people to do what they need to do, in many different situations. People with good human management skills are ESSENTIAL and necessary to running any company.

Groups or organizations are made up of people, and someone has to manage those people in a way that is both effective, gets things done, yet does not get the company sued or give them a bad image. Bringing a machine gun to work to get the employees going is probably a bad idea. But its the same principle as what managers have to do: Motivate or lead, sometimes by example and sometimes by their position in the organization, pressure to keep jobs, etc.

Its complicated case by case, but simple in principle. The management sets the tone of the entire organization.

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