Can You Explain In Brief The Functions Of Different Levels Of Management In An Organization.?


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Generally, there are three levels of management in an organization including upper management, middle management and front-line management or lower management.

The upper or top management includes General Manager, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors. The Authority in an organization usually flows from this level of management to the other levels. The function of these managers include the planning and coordination function. Top management develops the broad policies and the strategic goals of the organization.

The middle management includes the departmental heads or the functional heads. They are accountable in front of the top management. The middle managers perform organization and direction of the functions. They implement the strategic goals set by the top management and plans to achieve the goals. They act as mediator between the two levels of management and they give directions to the employees to perform their tasks. Moreover, middle level managers train the line managers.

The last level of management is the lower or line management which directly controls the product or service operations. These managers include foremen, supervisors etc. They managers control the actions and performance of the lower level employees. Their role is to direct and control functions. They motivate and train the employees. Moreover, they usually deal with the operational functions of the organization.

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