What four common activities comprise the process approach to management?


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The four main activities that comprise the process approach to management are visualizing, designing, executing and monitoring processes within a business. These four activities are explained in more detail below. Process management is all about taking a holistic approach to the management process, and making the processes that occur within a company match the wants and needs of the customer. The management method aims to maximize efficiency in all aspects and optimize business solutions.

  • Visualizing
The first step taken in process management is that of visualization. The manager must visualize what functions are needed to make the business run successfully. They must then match these functions with related processes; in essence work out exactly what will happen in order for everything to function correctly. This gives the company a vision of what will be happening and a set of very clear aims.

  • Designing
The next stage of process management involves the designing of business processes. The manager must work out which staff members will complete what tasks and how certain aims will be achieved with minimum input. The overriding aim of the design process is to minimize the number of potential problems.

  • Executing
The third stage in the process approach to management is that of completing the processes. In some cases this may involve the use of computer programs. It may be necessary to develop specialist software programs in order for particular tasks to be completed efficiently.

  • Monitoring
The final stage if process management is monitoring. A thorough system must be in place to ensure all processes run smoothly. Any problems encountered should be forwarded to the relevant department and dealt with promptly. The key to success at this stage is effective communication.

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