Who Are The Contributors Of Management?


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As with all disciplines, there are a number of people who excel in the field and who contribute a great deal to the subject as a whole. These people tend to be top academics, professors or doctors in their field who have usually worked in the area as well as being educated highly in it.

These experts study the area of management and come up with many different theories and perspectives which can be used to explain the subject as well as help to work in the field.

Some of the most prominent contributors include:

  • Max Weber
Weber was a German sociologist who contributed to many different areas of sociology including business and management. Weber is one of the most notable figures in sociology, especially during the period in which he was most prominent and has brought a lot to the subject.

  • Oliver Sheldon
Sheldon used his knowledge of sociology and his employment to pen some very interesting theories in the business and management world. He took a professional approach to business and was very much involved in management and business growth and development.

  • Kenichi Ohmae
Ohmae was most active in the 70s and 80s with his sociological developments. His most notable theory was the 3C's: Corporation, customer and competitor.

There are many hundreds of theorists who have carried out research and developed theories in the business and management world. You can view a number of the more recent theorists b y clicking on the following link:

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