What is the impact of the media on quality management practices?


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The impact of the media on quality management practices is related to the reviews and feedback a product or service receives.

Examples Of Media Impact On Quality Management Practices

• If the media covers a product or service, casting it in a negative light, quality management may need to be upgraded, in order to improve the features and quality of a product or service. For example, if a computer product has "bugs" that make it malfunction, and the press reports these bugs in the media, changes to manufacturing, programming and instruction manuals may need to be implemented by a quality management team.
• If a service, such as a hotel resort massage spa, received negative reviews online, where much of today's media coverage is places, a quality management team may need to source out better décor for the spa, more skilled masseuses and masseurs, and higher-quality lotions and tools. Media coverage of products and services goes hand in hand with the entire quality management practice.

The media is a powerful force that can literally make a break a company. Courting the media is part of running a successful business; the best, most profitable companies make sure that the media represents them in the best possible light. These company executives pay close attention to what is being said about a company in the press, and then they adjust their quality management processes to make their products and services more pleasing to mass media, and their customers. Without positive representation in the media, a company can falter, as they will be hindered by a bad reputation, which may be difficult to shake off.

Proper quality management is usually accompanied by positive press coverage - a product that is tested carefully and comprehensively before being released into the marketplace will have a better chance of receiving positive reviews and of pleasing customers, or end-users.

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